Zevs-reviews.com Reviews VIP casino – a mythical unicorn or a real opportunity?

VIP casino – a mythical unicorn or a real opportunity?

by 4ra1admin

VIP, meaning a very important person, implies a certain number of privileges or a specific status granted to a tight circle of players for their outstanding investments or their continuous activity.

Online casino Zevs offers such privileges to its players notwithstanding their wins or losses. The idea of VIP-promotion is to award loyal clients with bonuses, special access and specific benefits. All the details about customer’s status and incentives can be found in the personal account (линк на аккаунт).

Vip-ladder and its premium conditions

Each new client of Zeus Casino starts the way with the tag “Newbie”. Answering the top question: yes, anyone can obtain VIP-status, — no, it is no easy feat. VIP club Zevs can be joined automatically via repeated deposits into a verified account and regular activity or betting.

There are 4 stairs towards the Iron Throne called “Black status”:

  1. Bronze – from … rubles;
  2. Silver – from … rubles;
  3. Gold – from … rubles;
  4. Black  – from … rubles.

One should keep in mind that only replenishments are taken into account, excluding wins and withdrawals.

What conditions should be satisfied for joining the VIP-club?

Apart from the amount of deposits, a client must also comply with the following requirements:

  • Be aged 18 or over with the opportunity to verify personal data;
  • Be a citizen of the whitelisted country;
  • Strictly follow the casino’s terms of use;
  • Do not have any fraud violations (multi-accounting, cheating);
  • Do not have any financial violations (non-hacked recharge cards);

No more restrictions are found on the way to the VIP-club Zevs. Our gambling establishment has gained its solid reputation thanks to transparency and trustworthy services. Any violation of the conditions above will lead to the immediate loss of privileges and incentives.

Advantages of the Zeus VIP-club

Membership includes additional gifts and incentives apart from the access to the superior “Tournaments”, “Lotteries” and “Bonus systems”.

Assistance of the personal manager 24/7 via phone, Skype, chat. Qualified support service is ready to provide any kind of help worldwide to its VIP-customers.

Accelerated funds withdrawal out of turn along with increased withdrawal limits. The procession of the payment starts without any additional verification as soon as the manager receives the application.

VIP status grants financial comfort in addition to moral satisfaction offering unique features to the members. We fully understand gambling addictions of our loyal clients. With this idea in mind, we provide a wide range of advantages that enrich daily thanks to your feedback.