Zevs-reviews.com Reviews Registration: a curse or a blessing?

Registration: a curse or a blessing?

by 4ra1admin

Many gamblers are convinced that registration is an unnecessary thing that easily can be forgotten in the sands of time, but is it really so? Let’s look into the very nature of this process.

Registration is like a creation of your own identity, easily recognizable by the security system. Each time you log in means you perform a set of unique activities recorded by the website. Why is it important?

1. Security

Registered and verified users are recognized as honest and trustworthy, meaning they aren’t up to any fraud. Such cautions protect both the Zevs casino and other players from being deceived.

2. Safe money withdrawal and balance replenishment

The most important thing about any casino account is its wallet or balance. While registration, any user must create a password which represents a virtual key to the money kept inside.

Money withdrawal in online casino Zevs can be accomplished only by registered and verified clients. This allows avoiding money stealing or playing on behalf of the stolen account.

3. Full access

Registration can be skipped only in few cases. For instance, when a newbie player wants to try out some kind of entertainment for the first (and maybe the last) time.

For all other instances registration is a must. Especially, if one’s goal implies making money on the full specter of gambling activities, including tournaments, lotteries, bonus events, etc.

4. Tracking activity history

It is another good point to look up to as it helps to monitor recent financial transactions, statuses and active bonuses. Analyzing own performance really helps to create a healthy environment free from abuse and addiction.

5. Account Recovery

Registration means creating an account from scratch. Restoration is impossible when there is nothing to restore. Thus, to avoid unpleasant experiences in the future it is a good idea to protect oneself as soon as possible.

Registration procedure

It doesn’t have many differences across virtual gambling establishments. In order to create your own account one will need to remember a few things:

  1. Enter only valid personal data (the same found in the passport or any other relevant document);
  2. Link the e-mail only you have access to;
  3. Be sure to check out all the terms of use prescribed by the casino.

The Registration process takes no more than a couple of minutes, following the next steps:

  1. Press the “Register” button;
  2. Fill out all the mandatory fields;
  3. Press the “Register” button again.

To speed up the process it is advisable to use social network profile (Google, VK, Facebook, etc.).